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Incense industry

2024-03-16 10:59:02


Incense is a vital aromatic substance that releases aromatic smoke with a beautiful smell when burned. Incense is used for aesthetic reasons, aromatherapy, meditation, and ceremony. It can also be used as a deodorizer or insect repellent. There are many forms and different mixtures of incense in all regions of the world. In the Arab countries, it is found in gatherings, while in Asian countries, it is used in temples, and some use it for spiritual works. Incense consists of aromatic plant materials, sometimes mixed with aromatic oils, each according to the culture of its country. The method of manufacturing it has changed with the advancement in technology and the rates of its use have increased.

Incense can generally be divided into two main types according to the method of use:

Non-direct combustion incense: It is a type that is unable to burn on its own, and requires a continuous external heat source to burn. The second type is direct combustion incense, which is ignited directly and once with a flame and then fanned out and extinguished, leaving a glowing ember that self-ignites and emits a smoky scent.

How to use incense:

Incense is usually burned in what is called an incense burner, and the incense is passed to the guests in the gathering as evidence of good hospitality.

Incense can be made using economical chemical raw materials that are easily available locally and globally. Therefore, to manufacture this product, you must obtain its booklet from the website. To learn about this booklry, you can click on the link, as the manufacture of this product does not require great capabilities and complications, so we advise beginners on projects. Small and medium sized businesses related to this field can purchase the booklet from the website.


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